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The Great Trek Uncut: Escape from British Rule - The Boer Exodus from the Cape Colony 1836

Binckes, Robin


OBZ: Boer War (Boer War)

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Until the lions are taught to write, history will always be written by the hunters'. In the early planning stages of Freedom Park, Robin Binckes participated as a member of the history sub-committee. The amount of debate and argument, much of it heated, astounded him. Practically every event discussed was interpreted from diametrically differing viewpoints. One of the most controversial topics was the Great Trek, the 1836 Boer exodus from the Cape Colony. Traditionally, writers on the subject have covered the event from a perspective not only of 'white history' but predominantly of 'Afrikaner history'. It has always been seen as 'an Afrikaner event'. It was anything but. As the Great Trek and the events leading up to it involved every section of the population - Zulu, Sotho, Ndebele, Xhosa, Khoisan, Khoikhoi, Coloured, British, English-speaking South African and Boer - it is time to portray the trek in that light, in the context of a unbiased, modern South Africa. Softcover. English. 30' South Publishers. 2013. ISBN: 9781920143688. 560 pp. Very good. Book No: 2504794